• It is all about you, your Life and Life goals

    We Make sure you have a plan to achieve all your family's goals & dreams.

  • We are Certified Financial Planner

    The most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification.

  • Peace & Happiness with Money

    It’s not the amount of wealth that brings happiness in life, but your behaviour with it. Get it right.

Welcome to NM iNVESTMENT

We help you to achieve Financial freedom and live a Stress-Free Life.

We At NM, firmly believe that it all starts with having a clear vision of your unique goals – Your Wish cards. We help you defining your various goals. We focus on your financial goals, as well as your Life vision and value. We ensure Unbiased and Quality advise to reach your Life Goals and achieve financial freedom.


We make sure that this entire journey of wealth creation becomes a safe & happy journey for you by serving you in the best possible way

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you make sensible decisions about money that can help you achieve your goals

Wealth Management

It includes the process of wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution throughout the various stages of life.

Financial Wellbeing Camps

It is a 1-2 hours free consumer education program organized by us in companies, housing societies, clubs, colleges, Associations, School etc.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is an important risk management tool that can protect you and your family from financial hardship caused by unfortunate events.

Why NM ?

The best time to invest is now. Invest as much as you can afford, as it is the best expense. Don’t invest unless you don’t understand.

My clients trust me for providing solutions to their problems, needs & requirements and not me rely execute their transactions. Is hall be diligent in offering the best possible solutions.

NM iNVESTMENT offers a wide range of investment products and wealth management services. We understand that it’s difficult to understand the complexities associated with financial planning and wealth management.

At NM iNVESTMENT, we believe in having a designated person for every division to ensure best service to our clients. This approach has helped us in building a specialized team for different products/services.

Meet Your Wish-Man : Mr.Nihar Shah

Mr. Shah is your friend, your guide and a well-wisher who loves to work for you and your wishes.

Youngest CFP

From more than 2400 Mutual Fund Distributors & 5000 Insurance Agents in Surat, only 26 are CFP and he's the youngest among them.


Never depend on single income, Make the investment to create a second source.

Investor Education

He creates images, writes blogs or makes videos to educate and clear misconceptions related to Finance, Economy, Asset Allocation and many more.






Serving Happy Faces